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28 Days of Directed Wellness
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Here's What it's All About:

Our premiere 28 Day Directed Wellness Program. Detalied and personal instruction to heal your spiritual and physical self.

Complete Training Begins Within

You are more than the sum of your parts.  We offer powerful training solutions to strengthen your entire being.

Spiritual Connection

Deep Breathing and Guided Meditation techniques to restore your connection to the world around you.

Emotional Healing

Dynamic Stretching and Emotional Coaching to release tension in your Body and Mind.

Physical Conditioning

Resistance Training tailored to enhance performance and keep you free from injury.  Nutrition Guidelines to reshape the way you approach Food.

Structured Learning for Guided Success

Online Education. Personal Attention.

We have a robust Members area where your daily program is delivered every morning.  In addition to detailed written instructions, every Dynamic Stretch, Breathing Technique, and Exercise has an instructional video ensuring you understand each step.  

To further help you achieve your goals, we keep an exclusive Facebook group for members to recieve specific answers to any questions, day or night.  This also gives you the ability to interact and learn with other members on a their journeys.

See more free instructional videos like the one on the right on our YouTube channel.


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Consultations are available by appointment.  Please reach out to Bryan or Colman through email for more information.